How to Follow the ADMD Podcast

Instructions for Substack, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and RSS.

How to Follow the ADMD Podcast

What Podcast?

In case you’ve missed my previous email, I’ve launched a podcast version of ADMD.

The episodes here will be the same as the public essays on the written version of the ADMD newsletter, but I will be narrating them in my own voice. I hope this lets more people enjoy my ideas, especially if anyone prefers listening to long-form content over reading it!

The first episode is already out and you can find it here:

How to Subscribe


Just press the button below and you’ll get emails updating you whenever I publish a new written or podcast episode of this newsletter!

Note: you don’t need to subscribe to a separate email list for the podcast. It’s the same email list as the main ADMD newsletter.


Use this link to find ADMD on Spotify:

Apple Podcasts

Use this link to find ADMD on Apple Podcasts:


  1. Open the first podcast episode in Substack.
  2. Press on the button labeled “Listen on” under the episode name and description:
A screenshot from Substack showing this podcast episode with the button "Listen on" circled in red.
  1. Select to copy your private RSS feed link from the dropdown menu:
A screenshot of the dropdown from Substack with a red arrow pointing to the button labeled "copy link"
  1. Enjoy!

Self-Promotional Aside

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