About Attention Deficit Marketing Disorder (ADMD)

Why I write a newsletter about emotions and marketing.

About Attention Deficit Marketing Disorder (ADMD)
"My favorite marketing newsletter."
- Natalie Marcotullio, Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic.
“Reading your newsletter always feels like getting a massive hug. Thanks for all you do, you make marketing feel brighter and kinder.”
- Carina Rampelt, Managing Editor at Fenwick.
“This honest, vulnerable post is one of the best things I've read in a while.”
- Rian van der Merwe, Head of Product at Jeli.io.
“My favorite take, so far, on the ChatGPT AI content hype train.”
- Rand Fishkin, CEO of SparkToro.

What You’ll Read


A marketing newsletter that talks about loss, grief, fear, joy, and love. We will still cover practical issues in marketing and content work. But we will approach them like art, thinking about things that we're usually afraid to face head on.

About Me

As the name suggests, Attention Deficit Marketing Disorder (ADMD) is a very scattered marketing newsletter.

My name is Mariya Delano and I am the founder of Kalyna Marketing. More importantly, I’m a professional attention-getter who medically sucks at paying attention (just ask my psychiatrist).

Join me and my goldfish memory as we attempt to navigate the world of long-form content. We will be thinking about content, writing, effective B2B marketing, passion, and strategy. Sometimes we might get distracted.

No publication schedule (planners scare me).

If you’re looking to learn more about my work or invite me to speak on your podcast / webinar / live event, take a look at my media kit. You can also find me on LinkedIn, Mastodon, or Threads.

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My Best Posts

On the Birth of a New Internet
Watching the old web die a painful death as something new is being born from the ashes.
Why Marketers Are Afraid of Kindness
A personal reflection on why being a person isn’t “professional”.
Marketing Has Felt Really Hard Lately
On self-esteem, doubt, and dread.
Marketing at the End of the World
The world is ending. Does marketing even matter anymore?
Hustle Bro Culture Is Making Our Content Shallow
I’ve got a bone to pick with viral LinkedIn marketing advice.

What Readers Say

“Wow. This is such a powerful piece.”
Ronnie Higgins, Director of Content at OpenPhone.
“So many times while reading I thought ‘FINALLY someone is talking about this!!’ I thought it was just me and my big feelings surrounded by growth hack playbooks”
- Meg Johnson, Senior Manager of Creative Strategy at OpenView.
“There is so much here from Mariya Delano that is spot on that I'd have to just copy the whole thing to highlight the bits I agree with.”
- Deborah Menikoff, Digital Strategist & Founder at Modern Parlance.
“Hitting all the hot buttons for me right now. This should be a book not an essay.”
- Ewen Bell, Editorial Photographer & former Editor at Digital Photographer.
“This is so heartfelt and beautifully written. I feel renewed optimism about reading, writing, and assisting with marketing campaigns after reading this.”
- Alex, Author of This Too Too Solid Fresh.
- Michelle Villegas Threadgould, Program Communications Manager at Stripe.
“This felt like something Seth Godin might say.”
- Johnson Spink, Founder at Hard Working Words.
“So poignant and timely.”
- Joel Benge, Message Consultant at MessageSpecs LLC.
“You encapsulated exactly what I think and want to say.”
- Yamon Y, Content Strategist at the brand creatives.
“This is so good. Thank you for writing it.”
- Stacey Cornelius, Marketing Strategist & Trainer at Agency of Words.
“‘Why Marketers are Afraid of Kindness’ got me in all. the. feels.”
- Jennifer Phillips April, Copywriter and Content Marketer at Write Words Marketing.
“As usual, you speak my heart.”
- Elizabeth Tai, Senior Technical Writer at ServiceRocket.
“I honestly felt like this article lit a fire in me, you got me excited about creating again in a way I haven't been in a while.”
- Tasha Tringale, Marketing Copywriter at BetterUp.
“A helpful and comforting read for the AI weary like myself.”
- Digital Marketing Specialist.
“Your story reminds me of cosmos. The grand scale of it.”
- Ashish Kumar, Search Engine Optimization Team Lead at GMR Web Team.
“Very eloquently put Mariya, glad you posted this!”
- Jakub Grajcar, Head of Marketing at ZenPilot.
“Thanks for the small, hope-filled parenthesis in-between client meetings and B2B marketing.”
- Vince Moreau, CEO and Founder at ScaleCrush.

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I promise that no matter how often I publish, whenever I do – I will continue to write about things that most are too afraid to say.

Because even if we are making marketing content… that shouldn’t stop us from turning it into art.