Write for ADMD: Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Want to write for Attention Deficit Marketing Disorder? Here's how!

Write for ADMD: Guest Post Submission Guidelines

About Us

Attention Deficit Marketing Disorder (or ADMD) is a marketing newsletter that talks about loss, grief, fear, joy, and love. We still cover practical issues in marketing and content work, but we approach them like art. To us, that means thinking about things that we're often afraid to face head on.

ADMD has covered topics like love, confidence, expectations of professionalism, fear and uncertainty, rejection, isolation, creativity, and the internet’s uncertain future. And yes, this IS still a marketing newsletter.

It’s a fun ride 😄

ADMD is created by Mariya Delano, founder of Kalyna Marketing. You can learn more about this newsletter and find some of our best issues on our About page.

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Our Audience

ADMD is currently followed by 500 subscribers and we get between 2,000 - 4,000 monthly views. Our open rate is currently around 50%.

Our audience is made up of:

  • Marketers and content specialists
  • B2B tech professionals (founders, executives, product, UX, and developers)
  • Content creators and bloggers with some history in B2B tech or marketing.

What Readers Say About Us

While ADMD is a very small publication, we have a very dedicated audience. Our readers tend to express pretty strong emotions about ADMD’s content (which still blows our minds!), such as:

“This honest, vulnerable post is one of the best things I've read in a while.”
Rian van der Merwe, Head of Product at Jeli.io (prev. Head of Postmark).
“So many times while reading I thought ‘FINALLY someone is talking about this!!’ I thought it was just me and my big feelings surrounded by growth hack playbooks”
Meg Johnson, Senior Manager of Creative Strategy at OpenView.
“My favorite take, so far, on the ChatGPT AI content hype train.”
Rand Fishkin, CEO of SparkToro.
“This is so heartfelt and beautifully written. I feel renewed optimism about reading, writing, and assisting with marketing campaigns after reading this.”
Alex, Author of This Too Too Solid Fresh.
“I honestly felt like this article lit a fire in me, you got me excited about creating again in a way I haven't been in a while.”
Tasha Tringale, Marketing Copywriter at BetterUp.
“Thanks for the small, hope-filled parenthesis in-between client meetings and B2B marketing.”
Vince Moreau, CEO and Founder at ScaleCrush.

Topics We Cover

ADMD is a marketing newsletter about emotions and being human.

This means that we tend to analyze marketing topics beyond pure informational content or tactical tips. Essentially, you can talk about any marketing, content, or business topics you’d like, but to make them fit ADMD, you need to reflect on the feelings and subjective experiences within those concepts.

Use these guidelines for thinking about your topic:

  • Think about how your subject makes you feel. 

  • Reflect on your own mental state, and ask: 

    • Why is this important to me and others? 

    • What am I experiencing when I think about these questions?

    • What have I been thinking that nobody ever seems to say out loud?

  • How can I include my life experience and personality within this topic?

Of course, we have a bit of a focus on B2B organic marketing, but that’s mostly a bias from our own experience. We are open to discussing other areas of marketing work and business, as long as they fit within our general premise.

Types of Content We Publish

  • Long-form exploratory essays (2,000 - 4,000+ words): pieces focused on one open-ended question, explored from a variety of angles and examples. These typically include a fair bit of personal stories.
  • Short-form thought leadership (500 - 1,000 words): a short persuasive piece focused on one main point, and 1-2 short examples.
  • Tactical guides and templates (no word count expectation): please talk to our team before submitting a pitch of this kind. We don’t want to publish marketing tips without an emotional layer or a unique PoV, so we will need to work with you to make sure that your submission fits ADMD’s tone.

What to Expect


  1. Read through the guidelines on this page and at least 1-2 posts within our archive.
  2. Submit your information via our Guest Post Request form.
  3. Wait up to 2 weeks to hear back. We will respond to all submissions, whether it’s an acceptance or not.
  4. If your submission is a good fit for ADMD, our team will be in touch with next steps to get you ready for publication!


Our program is still new, so these timelines might change. Current expectations look as follows:

  • Submission Review - up to 2 weeks
  • Finalizing Your Draft - 3-5 days, depending on how many edits you’ll need to make.
  • Preparing for Publication and Gathering Assets - 2-3 days
  • Publishing and Promoting Your Post - within 1 month after we accept your submission. We will try to publish most posts within 2 weeks of accepting them into our queue.

How We Evaluate Submissions

These are the factors we look for when reviewing submissions:

  • Unique Perspective – ADMD is a very opinionated newsletter, so we are looking for original takes, controversial opinions, and unique analysis. We don’t care about what the “best practices” might be, we want to learn what you believe!
  • Great Writing – your writing should be clear, easy to read, and engaging. Don’t overuse jargon, and remember to write in first and second person (e.g. “I think” and “as you know”).
  • Evidence to Back Up Your Claims – evidence doesn’t necessarily mean statistics, case studies, or reports. But we need to know why you believe in the things you’re saying - do you have any stories from personal experiences? Can you quote or link to others that agree with you? Have you spoken or written about this previously?
  • Emotional Introspection – ADMD is about emotions behind marketing work, so we need to understand the feelings and human factors in play within the topics you’re discussing. Be real and human. That’s what this publication is all about!

How to Send Your Submission

Use this form to submit your draft (we accept links or file uploads):

We are looking forward to hearing from you! :)