My response of sorts to your newsletter, made even rawer from news I received today: https://elizabethtai.substack.com/p/the-point-of-my-words

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So many times while reading I thought "FINALLY someone is talking about this!!" I thought it was just me and my big feelings surrounded by growth hack playbooks, like that will matter whatsoever if we don't figure out global warming.

Most days I try to distract myself with work, check off the to-do list for the temporary high in order to forget the absolute chaos that is the world outside. A world that I understand less and less every single day.

Reading this made me feel so "seen". Thank you.

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As usual, you speak my heart. I was getting tired of people telling me that no, writers won't be replaced by AI but seeing it actually happen in my professional circle. The fear is real and denying it is not happening is not going to help things. (Funny that the people saying this don't work in marketing or are the bigwigs making decisions.)

And like you, I wonder "What's the point of all this?" when I'm writing my fiction while wrestling with real crises in my life. (While I cannot fathom going through what you are with Ukiraine, I live in Malaysia, and we're always one political cycle away from instability these days.) Thanks for being real as usual, Mariya.

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This is so heartfelt and beautifully written. I feel renewed optimism about reading, writing, and assisting with marketing campaigns (which I still do as a freelancer) after reading this.

“ all of us, marketers or not, have a duty to clean up after the apocalypse in whatever way we can.”—exactly. We still have agency (pun intended?) that allows us to make the world better—and we can do so in so many ways, both big and small, relative to its awful baseline. Even simply blogging about struggles with despair, as you’ve done here, and getting that out there, can make people feel less alone. And marketing brings people together, at a time when loneliness is practically an epidemic. Thanks for writing this!!

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