A refreshing perspective in the sea of sameness that is SaaS business advice these days. We often forget just how powerful our unique perspective is and that others are at a disadvantage from not having the context and experience we do. So often their advice falls flat. A ton of good stuff in here but these two quotes are getting printed out and hung on my wall:

"You get to make mistakes." and "There are far fewer rules than we think. "

As an altruistic rule follower striving to always do "the right" thing this really resonates with me.

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In a world filled with advice this was refreshing to read. Its great to see your perspective and I have felt this in my business as well.

Darren Hardy said “Never take advice from someone you wouldn't trade places with." I think that is true and in business, you're right, not everyone will be bought into your vision, but everyone will have an opinion about it and as a leader you have to be that filter.

I really like you said we "get to make mistakes". Over the years I have been so extremely hard on myself for every mistake or time that I've lacked knowledge that I wish I had. Then with time, you learn no one knows everything and you learn to squeeze all the value out of those mistakes, aka lessons.

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